Jolin, Middle Eastern Dance Performer - Your favorite belly dancer!
.....the fine art of Middle Eastern Dance

Middle Eastern Dance is one of the oldest known forms of dance and befitting it's long history is referred to by many names:  Belly Dance in the United States, Raks Sharqi in Egypt and Oryantal Dansi in Turkey, to name a few examples. It is performed in its various regional and ethnic forms throughout the Middle East and Turkey, where no celebration is complete without a Belly Dancer to perform and get the guests up and dancing!
Making your event a celebration to remember is the foremost reason to hire a Belly Dancer, letting your guests/clients/patrons know you want to provide the best entertainment experience possible. Belly Dancers are a great option for those looking to provide fun entertainment that is suitable for the whole family.

Belly Dancers are hired to perform at weddings, birthdays,  engagement parties, corporate events, fundraisers, cultural events and just about anywhere joy and celebration are the order of the day! Types of performances can range from short 10 minute ice breaker sets to full 45+ minute shows with costume changes and an audience participation portion; you choose the style of show to suit your event!

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