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Want to improve your Middle Eastern dance skills? Jolin is currently available for private and semi-private instruction for students at the intermediate+ level. Jolin does not teach group classes, but may be able to recommend a group class for students just starting out in Middle Eastern dance, contact Jolin for more information.

Not sure if private lessons are right for you? Read the private instruction contract below for more information on the benefits of adding private lessons to your learning experience.

Want to host Jolin for a workshop? Jolin is available to teach workshops for the following topics:

Golden Era, Golden Moves

The 1930's-1960's was the golden era of Egyptian film making, the films produced during those decades included some of the most mesmerizing and beautiful dancers like the incomparable Taheya Karioca, Samia Gamal and Naima Akef. Come learn the signature moves and dance styling of these dance greats as well as moves from the talented dancers you may not have heard as much about like Zeinat Oloui and Na'amet Mokhtar. These ladies were all at the forefront of making Egyptian style Middle Eastern Dance a sensation across the world!

Transitions, Transitions, Transitions!

Life is full of transitions, and so is Belly Dance! Figuring out how to get from here to there while keeping time with the music can be a difficult concept to grasp in Belly Dance. Let Jolin open up the world of transitional movement to you, the ability to flow from one movement to the next through space and in time to music is the very definition of dance!

Maximize Your Makeup

This is a short workshop based on helping dancers make the most out of the makeup they have, determining the basics they need and should always have on hand, as well as application tips. Dancers need to bring their makeup kits with them!

Contracts and Resume:

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